"SOS" at D-Block Projects and Monorchid

Referencing the "Save Our States" law, passed in 1994, that prohibited illegal immigrants from receiving social services from the State of California, this exhibition dealt with the borders, both institutional and otherwise, that are erected to keep the "other" away from "us." Involving artists from California and Arizona, and staged close to the one year anniversary of Arizona's own anti-immigration law, the exhibition opened at D-Block Projects in Long Beach and traveled to Monorchid in Phoenix. We installed our piece Them at both venues.

Happiness is a Warm (Photo) Bomb

The hostess of the Arizona Highways magazine show declined to address the political implications of the “SOS” show, so Gordon fell back on his singing and John Lennon resembling -- at 1:55.

Installation and exhibition at Monorchid in Phoenix

The "SOS" show traveled from Long Beach to Phoenix and we traveled with it, arriving on Thursday to install Them and then staying for the First Friday art walk. We secured a quiet room off the gallery, outfitted with couch, coffee table, and party cups. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.